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A. INTRODUCTION AND METHODS - Stages of Economic Development


C. HISTORICAL ANALYSIS of the following Sectors to identify the Constant Trends operating



The Interactions and Impacts from other Areas

Major Impacts have Sectors built into this Transport Area. Thus a Sector from Distribution is included. It provides the scene of how goods have been traded and distributed throughout history, merchant chains to local retail and market outlets, and how these develop into the complex systems of our own time. These are major drivers for the use of Transport Systems for goods. Packaging Systems also have major impact on Transport Systems. Part of this is the transport of products in bulk, with evolution of levels of packaging - the higher ones impacting on transport systems.

Conclusions from the Communications - Information Area mirror developments in Transport. How people spend their increasing wealth is critical for tourism, which is a major driver for World Development. Information processing leads to Automation, and Guidance Systems which are already well developed in part of Transport. Matching loads with transport space, including return journeys gives impacts.

Impacts from the Government Area are of Government funding problems throughout the developed world, with impact on fuel taxation, which may limit Transport developments - which are already much slower than the Communications - Information Area.

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