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Contents - Commerce

A. INTRODUCTION AND METHODS - Stages of Economic Development

B. HISTORICAL ANALYSIS of the following Sectors to identify the Constant Trends operating


The Interactions and Impacts from other Areas

Major Impacts have Sectors built into this Commerce Area. Thus Information Flows in Industry & Commerce shows how goods and services have been traded, and evolved into the complex systems of our time. Money Transfer has played a central role as an information flow in the development of industry & commerce, but major problems occur when money ceases to be an item of value, through people being able to create some for themselves - leading to inflation. Linked to this are modern government funding problems as a major cause of inflation.

Impacts from Communications give automated payments and accounting systems - but also growing use of cash for the Underground Economy. Impacts from Government area are for increased theft and violence - impacting on costs of cash transactions. Distribution trends may impact financial services which are relatively primitive.

Banking Stability, itself causing wide ranging impacts, is itself impacted from Food Production through increasing efficiency of advance world agriculture. Mountains & Lakes of surplus production are causing enforced or encouraged limits on production, and in turn affecting land prices - which is the Banking Systems' principal security. Interaction with Business Cycles liable to cause serious problems with re-occurring Banking Crises.

Financing and Development of Enterprises is subject to human motivations related to people founding their own businesses, to growth of information business with lowering capital requirements, and to trends of firms to subcontract activities.

Savings - Savers - impacted by inflation - people learn such savings loose value. Underground Economy impacts. Insurance - impacts from Manufacturing, Knowledge Society, Services, Health, Hobbies, Product Maintenance.

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