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A. INTRODUCTION AND METHODS - Stages of Economic Development

B.HISTORICAL ANALYSIS of the following Sectors to identify the Constant Trends operating


The Interactions and Impacts from other Areas

Major Impacts have Sectors built into this Service Area. Thus Computer linkages leading to automation is impacting many Service Sectors, including Health, Experts, Personal Services, Product Services - often through creating databanks that people can access or enable automation. Leisure and Surplus Wealth Deployment gives insights into how people spend their wealth as they get richer. Thus some Service Sectors will get more demand, while an impact from the increasing cost of human time works in the other direction - until automation can kick in.

Government funding problems in the advanced world impact on several Service Sectors which tend to be government funded. Most Service Sectors are labour intensive, and unless they are in the competitive market place their costs soar with time - increasing the funding problems.

Several Service Sectors have impacts from Dwellings of the Construction Area. At a basic level improved living conditions improves health and reduces death rates. There are complex impacts with the role of women in the home - with further impacts from automation here - and the changing needs of women as they get wealthier - so they seek roles outside the home.

Food & Consumer Manufacture Sectors give impacts causing tasks to migrate out of the home to be done in factories, while machines migrate into the home to do the tasks there - tied in with the coming automation. Professional Services are generally based on some specialist knowledge, often with restricted entry - so giving large mark-ups. Who gets the wealth generated depends on bargaining power. A number of impacts, which include some mentioned here, are altering bargaining power and reducing the position of the traditional professional classes.

A major set of trends of our time is causing Services to be the largest employment Area of the advanced economies. US & UK have exceeded Manufacturing for several decades.

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