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The Business Trends Library issues commentaries on current events, discussing the trends underlying them. Current topics include the issues which are causing the great economic chaos at the present time.

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Published by Planning & Control Investments Ltd.

Plagues - Governments are trying to curb the 'flue spreading by confining people to their homes, and closing many businesses. Historical Analysis finds it already has been learnt in a similar 'flue Plague in WW1 that confined spaces are the most dangerous of all. Out of Doors is where people need to be if possible. Plague Life Cycles involve human contact with the Plague so our bodies develop defences. Question then is where is it safest to get this contact - answer for 'flue is also Out of Doors. In Door - Out Door Scenarios... Advanced Countries' high Central Heating may support 'flue virus survival giving the high US deaths - conversely China's may not - with no second wave infections into 2021. This is because 'flue likes dry conditions (cold virus likes damp conditions with Relative Humidity above 40%). As room temperatures rise with increased Central Heating as Economic Level rises, Relative Humidity declines so supporting the 'flue virus survival.

Corporate death at 32 years - down from an average of 55 years old, 40 years ago. Companies are dying younger according to an HBR article as the Business Environment is becoming more complex, and less predictable. This essay discusses how the Business Trends Library can help solve the problems the authors raise. Strategic Planning in Turbulent Environments - LRP article advocating the use of "futures methods like scenario planning" to counter unpredictable business environments. This reply paper gives advice to firms on how to find sources of such methods. It shows that more Surprises are revealed the more comprehensive is the database from which the scenarios are drawn. It proposes asking suppliers to provide Metrics of how comprehensive their databases are, and how many Surprises have been received.

Pensions - can institutions really hold the value of people's savings over long periods? - are they viable without real interest rates?

2. Summary Scenarios from THE BUSINESS TRENDS LIBRARY

Revised 2021 Edition on-line

A summary of each of the 10 Areas of the Business Trends Library. Valuable introduction - or a second opinion if you have done your own study. Quick assessment for a multi-division business of the impact of the environment on the firm.

Gives main Scenarios of growth and contraction in each Area in the Advanced Countries, and their relationship with the rest of the World. Includes major opportunities and problems likely to be encountered.

Movement of basic manufacturing out of the Advanced Countries is a recurring theme - where the manufacturing is going to - and the role of Multi National Corporations.

Published by Planning & Control Investments Ltd, 16,750. See Orders Section 6.

If any of the revealed Scenarios are a Surprise or important to the firm, it will need to obtain the relevant Sectors to understand how they arise, and the impacts involved.


Major Areas of
THE BUSINESS TRENDS LIBRARY are being made available on-line. This is an alternative to our service, where Sectors of the Business Trends Library are selected for a firm to give a bespoke Business Environment Forecast. Whole Areas can be provided quicker and cheaper. But you may have to study material not relevant to your firm - and some relevant Sectors may be in other Areas.

The Areas available on-line are given in the next section (4).



The following are the Areas of the Business Trends Library. Those with hypertext links are available on-line where further information can be obtained. Please enquire about any others, or combinations.



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