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Contents - Information

A. INTRODUCTION AND METHODS - Stages of Economic Development

B. HISTORICAL ANALYSIS of the following Sectors to identify the Constant Trends operating



The Interactions and Impacts from other Areas

Major Impacts have Sectors built into this Communications Area. Thus a Sector from Distribution is included in this Communications Area. It provides the scene of how goods have been traded and distributed throughout history, merchant chains to local retail and market outlets, and how these develop into the complex systems of our own time. It is the building block for the Information Flows in Industry & Commerce, and enables the structure of the whole to be mapped out. What people spend their increasing wealth on is central to business trends.

Money Transfer is clearly an important information flow issue, which has played a central role in development of industry and commerce. Major problems are brought in from the Commerce Area of money ceasing to be an item of value, through people being able to create some for themselves, leading to high inflation environments.

Allied to this, impacts from the Government Area are of Government funding problems throughout the developed world, with impact on Communication Sectors funded by Government - principally Education.

The evolving Post Industrial developments show different patterns of investments and sources of profits as multi-national corporations found foreign subsidiaries, giving a flow of expertise contributing to World Development.

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